vuelto coffee table

Vuelto Coffee Table


width: 23.85" height: 16" depth: 49.5"


Guanacaste Veneer / Guanacaste End Grain

Solid and spacious, the Vuelto Coffee Table uses Ochre Guanacaste to add texture and interest to any space. The natural grains of the wood shine through as the featured design. The broad design gives plenty of space for décor and utility alike.

Our Woods: Where the Story Begins

By strategically sourcing wood instead of using intensive forestry methods, our supplier actively reduces the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In this way, each creation enriches the environment.
They take great care to recover fallen and hurricane-tumbled trees without damaging the surrounding ecosystems. This process can take years from start to finish. It is a difficult but highly rewarding job that allows them to rescue what would otherwise have been wasted, and to reduce carbon emissions in the process.
There’s a certain beauty that only time can create. This reclamation process allows them to harness the wood’s authentic character in the creation of their designs.
Our supplier is involved with sustainably managed forests throughout Mexico, ensuring that small landowners have an incentive in preserving and maintaining forests. They also have plantations that provide a wood source that actively contributes to the reduction of carbon in our atmosphere.
We are inspired by nature and committed to preserving her beauty. The woods we hand-select are processed in a way that uncovers their natural elegance.
“Our work aims to honour the life of a tree and its worthy journey through earth, turning it into an expressive work. ” –Javier Suárez

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