Rowan Media Center Jr.


width: 47.91" height: 27.84" depth: 19.96"



Greenington’s high-performance Rowan media cabinet allows easy remote access to your media. Yet it keeps components hidden out of view behind three beautiful louvred doors. The louvred design allows the infrared light to reach your remote-controlled devices inside. Easy to use, the back of the media cabinet is as accessible as the front. The two ventilated rear panels can be completely removed for access to your cables, wiring and media components. Generous flow thru ventilation for heat control.

Ships fully assembled.

The sleek, modern design and simple clean lines of Rowan feature a craftsman-built frame made from solid bamboo. Lacquered in a matte black finish with solid Amber bamboo doors. Environmentally safe, Amber is not a surface stain. An innovative caramelization process using heat, steam, and pressure to transform the solid bamboo material into Amber’s splendid array of colours creates the colour. Variations in grain and colour enrich the natural beauty of bamboo furniture and make each piece unique. Slight differences in bamboo shades show that the furniture is crafted from solid bamboo and is a quality benchmark.

Discover the expert craftsmanship packed into each piece of Greenington bamboo furniture. All are made using renewable resources harvested from sustainable and rapidly growing forests.

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