connection dining table

Connection Dining Table


width: 40" height: 30" depth: 84"


Glass, Wood, Metal

This versatile table displays a contemporary assemblage of glass, wood and metal. The Connection dining table features a geometrically structured base that deserves showcasing. The steel tube structure that supports the table and joins the four legs boasts a micro textured lacquer available in 11 colors. The legs are made of solid white oak or walnut and come in various translucent colors. The entire base measures either 62 or 80 inches, depending on the selected top.
The Connection tabletop comes in four different lengths. Get it in 76, 84, 98, or 108 inch lengths—and pick from two choices of material. The wood version offers either walnut or white oak to suit those who prefer a classic look. The 12mm tempered glass top gives a more adventurous look. This is perfect for those who wish to display the artistic base.
The Connection blends well with Scandinavian or Mid-Century design looks. 

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