Whether you work from home or an office, or need space for managing your monthly expenses, why not furnish your space with practical yet comfortable office furniture from Park Furnishings? We carry a wide selection of desks and accessories that will allow you to make your office space unique and functional. Choose from classic executive desks or multi-functional computer desks, credenzas and bookshelves – our pieces are chic, customizable and come in a variety of materials. Complement your office space with an occasional chair, stylish desk lamps or a classic area rug to help make working from home less mundane.

Style Matters

Maximize Your Space and Creativity

Regardless of the amount of space you have, our furniture selection and decor can help make your office both comfortable and functional.

Think Chic
It seems that everything has gotten smaller – from micro-suites to modular furniture, there are now limitless options to furnish smaller spaces. Although you can buy furniture specifically made for smaller spaces, don’t feel limited to your floor space – hanging a beautiful chandelier from the ceiling or affixing a bold piece of art on the wall can distract the eye from the lack of square footage and make your office seem more than spacious.

Think Green
Adding a simple plant to your office not only provides extra oxygen to the room to keep those bright ideas coming, but also brings visual life to the room as well. No room on your busy desk for a pot? Consider a standing planter for your greenery.

Think Creativity
Creativity can come from all different sources, but have you considered reading up on the art of feng shui to help place your office furniture to get those juices flowing? Position your desk in the “commanding position” (without your back facing the door) and make sure you don’t face a wall while sitting to get the most out of your work day.

Custom Pieces

Custom Furniture Without the Work

The choice is yours.

Park Furnishings offers many customizable pieces to meet your home-furnishing needs. With an endless variety of wood, fabric, colours, styles and finishes for you to choose from, we can custom-make furniture to match your decor.

Talk to our team about your custom furniture dreams!