Dining Room

Have you ever found the most perfect dining room table, but weren’t too sure about the chairs that came with it? Or fell in love with the elegance of a side cabinet, but the matching table didn’t quite fit your taste? Or perhaps your space only allows for six chairs to sit comfortably around the table, rather than the eight that would have come with the set.

More and more people are choosing to customize their dining room sets by buying chairs and tables separately. At Park Furnishings, this is our specialty. Choose the right size and style of dining table for your space, and mix and match the style (and quantity!) of chair that suits you. We can help you select your pieces, including curating your own look by integrating your family heirloom pieces. Your options are endless at Park Furnishings.

Style Moment

Create the Perfect Dining Room

The key to a welcoming dining room is in the details.

And here’s an important one — set up your dining room so that there’s enough space for everyone to sit and dine while also ensuring close enough proximity for comfortable conversations and sufficient elbow room. With a few simple chair placement tips, you can be a seasoned host, too!

To start, allow at least 36” (3’) between the wall and your table to allow seats to slide in and out easily. Chairs and chair arms should be able to slide under the table — leave about 7” between the chair arm and apron of the table. Lastly, allow about 24” (2’) between the chairs to prevent hitting elbows and to enable people to slide their chair in and out without collisions or bruised knuckles.

Eat, Drink and Love Your Table

Dining tables are for gathering the people you love. It doesn’t matter if you ordered the food from the local takeout joint or spent two days preparing a feast. The dining table is where you share the meal, laugh together and have great conversation.

We can’t help you with the menu, or ensuring that the fork is in the right place, but we can help you select a dining table that suits your lifestyle.

Choose a glass top to open up the space, or a long walnut table with a live edge to add a bit of rustic modern to your room.

Style matters. Let us help define yours.

Let There Be Light

Lighting can make all the difference in a room. It can finish a space and even set a mood. When choosing a lighting fixture for your dining room, consider your space. And your furniture. Would an ornate, chandelier dazzle in your space? A few pendant lights could be perfect to add light and some added style that you’ve been craving. Or maybe a few wall sconces to add ambient lighting could be all you need next.

Dining room lighting should be both beautiful and functional. An ALA-certified lighting specialist from our sister store next door, Park Lighting and Furniture, can help determine your lighting needs and help you choose the look you love, and one that will best meet your needs. Lighting can be versatile, too, with the simple use of dimmable bulbs. With the installation of a simple dimmer, your lighting can go from homework study bright to soft, romantic lighting for an intimate dinner.


Custom Furniture Without the Hassle

You choose the colour, size and style.

Park Furnishings offers many custom pieces and will customize furniture to your specifications to meet your home-furnishing needs. With an endless variety of wood, fabric, colours, styles and finishes for you to choose from, we can custom-make furniture to match your home decor.

Speak to our design consultants about your next custom dining room piece!