Teo Swivel Armchair

featured teo swivel armchair

More than meets the eye! The Teo armchair is superbly cozy, and it both rocks and swivels. Guaranteed to become your new favourite furniture piece in any setting.

Because this rocking armchair can spin 360 degrees—and that’s not all. With its slightly concave, extra deep seat cushion, adjustable headrest, and overstuffed armrests, Teo has all the makings of your favorite armchair.

Underneath Teo’s inviting appearance lies a sturdy plywood and solid wood structure that confers strength and durability. Add Italian webbing and high density polyurethane foam and you have an armchair that’s synonymous with comfort.

And then, we combine comfort with the pure fun of swivel-rocker mechanics. With no resistance, grinding or instability, you will quickly be convinced that this is the best designed swivel-rocker you’ve ever sat in.

Warning: Once you sit down, you may not want to get back up.

It also “just happens” to come custom finished to suit your style and taste. Choose from a selection of fabric and full grain leather, available in a wide variety of colours. The Teo shows off with the personification of customizable and cozy comfort.

Proudly made in Canada.

Drop by our showroom, or contact our specialists to start creating your armchair of choice!