7 Common Questions About Selecting Island Seating

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Island Seating Explained

Island seating is a MUST HAVE design feature in new homes and renovation projects, but there are a lot of things to consider when searching for island seating.

We have put together our most commonly asked questions to help you choose the perfect island seating for your home.

1. How many stools should I use?

The average stool is 16.5” wide and you should allow 6” of space between each stool.

Measure the length of your island, and divide it by 22.5. Ex) 72 / 22.5 = 3.2, therefore you should use 3 stools.

Once you have selected your stool, measure it to be sure that it fits this calculation; if you choose a stool that is much larger than the average, you will want to adjust your numbers accordingly.

island seating

2. How tall should my stools be?

The height of your stools will be determined by the height of your countertop.

If it is dining table height, 28”-30”, you need a chair seat that sits 17”-18” above the floor. Counter height, 35”-36”, the seat should sit 24”-26” above the floor. If your island is bar height, 40”-42”, your stools should sit 28”-30” off the floor.


3. Which material is best; wood, metal, fabric or leather?

It is important to consider how you are going to be using the island seating. Will you be eating meals at the island often? Will people be sitting for long periods? Will family members be doing homework, playing games or working on projects?

How you use the space will help determine which material is the best fit for you.


Below is a list of Pros and Cons for each type:


– PROS – Easy to clean, durable, warm aesthetic
– CONS – Can be less comfortable to sit on for long periods.


– PROS – Easy to clean, durable, sleek aesthetic
– CONS – Can be less comfortable to sit on for long periods.


– PROS – Warm, comfortable, lots of design options
– CONS – Harder to keep clean, not as durable


– PROS – Easy to clean, comfortable, lots of design options
– CONS – Not as durable as wood or metal

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4. Should I choose a stool with a back or go backless?

See question 3, and consider how you will be using the island space. If you sit for long periods or are doing activities, you may want to choose a seat that focuses on comfort and support.

5. Should I use a stool with arms or go armless?

If your island is large and you are looking to fill the visual space, without adding another stool, consider using a stool with arms. These stools are the ultimate in comfort and support and will give you the grand scale you need to suit the island.

island seating

Select the right seating for your kitchen island.

6. Which option is best for a small space?

If your island is less than 48” you will want to consider using a stool with a smaller footprint. Backless is a great choice for small spaces. Avoid using a swivel stool, as they require more legroom to maneuver. Another option is to use 2 large-scale stools with arms or back.

7. Which option is best if I want to use the stool as extra seating in another room?

Adjustable stools are a great option if you want a stool that can be used at the table, or as another seat in the living room when you have a large gathering. Adjustable stools are also nice for guests who would like a little extra legroom at the island.