Lily Sofa

lily sofa

With the Lily sofa, original design meets 1960’s vintage inspiration. Timelessly cool, artfully tailored, and delightfully detailed. Use this sofa to compliment and bring fresh inspiration to any classic contemporary theme.

Customize everything about it to fit your personal vision. Make it a sofa, sectional, or chair. For that matter, you can make it an ottoman, if that is what you need. Choose your fabric from over 20 different options, and complete your creation with the details that make it perfectly yours.

Each one of these pieces is hand-built by one craftsman, for one customer, one at a time. We mean the Lily sofa to become the ‘one-of-a-kind’, ‘favorite of all time’ kind of item that you will love for years to come. For this reason, we want every step, with each staple, nail, and stitch, to be carefully looked after to ensure that we create furniture that fulfills your vision for your home.

Proudly made in North Carolina.

Taking your time to find the pieces that you will keep for years to come? or maybe you are just browsing. It’s worth taking a look. Come to our conveniently located showroom to see it in person, or call our experts to start the process of building your sofa.