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We want you to FALL IN LOVE this February…with your furniture that is!

Our in-house design consultants specialize in making sure that each item you select is curated uniquely to you. Perfection in architecture is beautiful, but in interior design, it can lack personality. We don’t want your room to look like it has been designed in one day. We have put together a quick guide to help you get started.



fall in love

It is important to plan ahead and give yourself time to let your ideas form. Establish a color palette, an overall feel you want for the space and spend time looking for inspiration photos. We suggest bringing in photos and measurements of your space and any items you plan to keep. Inspiration photos and paint swatches can also help us understand your vision. Keep these handy when you’re travelling too; you never know when you’re going to find that perfect design item!



fall in love


Refreshing a space can be daunting and it’s hard to know where to start. After you’ve solidified a color palette and mood, select your big-ticket items – larger furniture pieces, accent furniture, area rugs – and choose items that speak to you. Just because a dining table is on display with 6 chairs, doesn’t mean you need to buy those exact chairs, or have 6 of them! Maybe you want to have 4 matching chairs and 2 host chairs on either end, or maybe a bench on one side. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, the key here is to select items that complement each other but don’t compete. Also, spend time learning about the items you love, hear about the company who makes them and the materials they use – quality over quantity will create a more intimate story in your home.




fall in love  Some spaces can look flat and uninviting, this is simply because there aren’t enough layers of interest. At the same time, a cluttered space doesn’t evoke calm and relaxation. We suggest boxing up all of your accessories – cushions, throws, planters, vases, accent lights – and remove them from the space. Then carefully sort through choosing only items that will enhance your new look and bring you joy. Once you were able to use a few of your existing pieces; store of donate the rest to charity and work on purchasing new exciting items.



Designing with natural elements in your space can create an immediate sense of peace and warmth. Plants, greenery, warm woods, and natural fibers add a sense of warmth and peace to your space. Carefully consider the natural light and watch how it moves in your space throughout the day to avoid any dark, gloomy areas. And our final tip, don’t forget to capitalize on any fabulous views of the natural outdoors.