Creating the Perfect Holiday Atmosphere

holiday dining atmosphere

In the past few blog posts we have been discussing creating the ultimate dining room for the holidays. First we discussed selecting the perfect table, next we gave some tips and tricks on choosing dining room seating, and last week we focused on lighting selection. The final stage in creating the ultimate dining room for the Holidays is ATMOSPHERE.


Lighting in Layers

The most comfortable way to light a space is with layers: chandeliers, wall lights, table & floor lamps and natural light are all ways to layer lighting and create the perfect mood for every occasion.


Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches not only help create the perfect ambiance, they have other benefits too.

  • Allow for large amounts of light when reading, playing games or cleaning in the space.
  • Lower your power consumption, saving money and better for the environment.
  • Light bulbs last longer when used with a dimmer switch


Candlelight, Music & Great Company

The finishing touch of every dining room is the warmth each person adds with their own personal touches; candle light, music and great company are always the best way to ensure a welcoming atmosphere.


Stay tuned!

Next week we will have a guest blogger, Turquoise Chair, give us some tips and tricks on creating a beautiful Holiday tablescape!