Tips on Selecting Dining Seating


In our last post, we began our series on 4 simple factors in creating the ultimate dining room for the holiday season. We mentioned that these factors are: Table SelectionSeating Selection, Lighting Selection, and Atmosphere.

Today, we will explore the second item in our list: SEATING SELECTION

Arm Chair vs Arm-less

1.   Arm Chair

  • The more formal looking option for dining chairs.
  • Can take up more space than arm-less chairs.
  • A perfect way to add personality to the dining room.
  • Often function best at the head of each table.

2.   Arm-less Chair

  • Many styles and comfort levels to choose from.
  • Can sit closer together, allowing more chairs at the table.

Fabric vs Leather vs Wood/Metal

1.  Fabric

  • The more warm and cozy option.
  • Hundreds of styles and patterns to choose from.
  • More options to add personality to the space.
  • More difficult to maintain and keep clean.

2.   Leather

  • Many colors and styles to choose from.
  • Cooler to the touch, which can sometimes make the room feel cool.
  • Moderate to maintain and keep clean.

3.   Wood/Metal

  • Easier to maintain and keep clean.
  • Less comfortable.

Bench or Banquette Seating

  • Perfect for fitting larger amounts of people into the same space, since you typically sit closer on a bench than you would a chair.
  • Often pushed up against a wall, allowing the a larger table into a narrower room or corner.
  • Can be more difficult for multiple guests to get in and out of the seating area.